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NEW! Now stocking Mastertac digital sheet labels.

Published: 17.01.2017

NEW! Now stocking Mastertac digital sheet labels.


Ashgrove are delighted to announce the launch of a new stock range of SRA3 sheet digital self-adhesive media for toner-based digital printers – welcome MastertacThis premium range of branded European stock caters to a fast-growing, highly profitable segment of digital print; if you’re not currently reaping the benefits consider Mastertac today!

Keep label printing in-house and maximise profitability.  The big advantage of digitally printing self-adhesive label media is the ability it gives you to offer personalised, easy set-up, short run and high quality output at high speed and with minimal effort, simply load, print and cut to size.




Reasons to use Mastertac

1.       There’s money to be made printing onto digital self-adhesive

Mastertac digital products give an exceptional return on your investment. Excellent lay-flat properties provide consistently reliable print runs even at the highest speeds, plus efficiently compact stacking in printer trays. Dedi­cated bleed-resistant adhesives keep sheet edges clean – minimizing residue to prevent printer jams and extend maintenance intervals. Mastertac can be used for a wide range of applications for example:-

·         Outdoor labelling (when using the white polyester grade)

·         Product labelling (eg bottles)

·         Shipping labels

·         Business Forms

·         Direct Mail

·         ID or coding applications etc etc

Recent research has shown that Marketing companies using self-adhesive solutions are moving from mass campaigns to more effective personalized messages for groups and in­dividuals.



2.       Unbeatable digital image quality
The paper and filmic products in Mastertac’s digital range support unbeatable print definition and high-resolution graphics. Each product is thoroughly tested for top performance in high-speed dry toner laser printers. Selected materials are guaranteed for optimal liquid toner anchorage with HP Indigo


3.       Don’t tie up your large format printer with label production

We all know that you can print labels on your wide format inkjet printer using self-adhesive vinyl.  But this is slow and ties up your large format printer which can generate more profit producing the large format graphics it’s designed for.   Free it up by using Mastertac!


4.       Maximum convenience for label users
Precision back-scoring allows label users to remove the backing quickly and smoothly. Label application is fast, and the label quality carries through to the final informational or decorative use.


5.       Labels made more sustainable
We all want to do our bit to help the environment where we can, all Mastertac products come with ISO 14001 environmental management certification. Label paper faces are FSC-certified to guarantee that the materials are sourced from sustainably managed forests, and the water-based acrylic adhesives are free from solvents.




  • Adhesives specially developed to withstand the heat of laser printing, and to keep printer contamination to an absolute minimum, which extends maintenance intervals and reduces downtime.


  • Optimal lay-flat when feeding through printing machinery, reducing the risk of paper jams during printing and further maximizing efficiency after printing when stacking, die-cutting and guillotining.


  • Good dry toner (laser) or liquid toner (HP Indigo) anchorage for premium print results.


  • Minimal static electricity after printing even with film label faces, giving higher post-printing efficiency when stacking, die-cutting and guillotining.








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