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All You Need To Know About QuickPro Canvas Frames

Published: 8.04.2016

All You Need To Know About QuickPro Canvas Frames

Create professional, quality framed canvas wall art in around 120 seconds!

QuickPro Canvas Frames allows anyone with a digital production printer (large or even small format) and a standard desktop stapler to produce canvas frames. The preformed cardboard templates come in a variety of standard sizes, up to 20” x 30”.

At the moment, canvas frames are usually made by stretching cotton or polyester canvas over a hand-made wooden frame using pliers, fixed using a pneumatic stapler and further stretched using wedges at each corner of the frame.  This process requires time and skill and, as a result, many production printers avoid making them because of the hassle factor.


How does it work?


Download a step-by-step guide here

Follow our brief overview of the procedure:

Required – Stapler (full-strip), printed image, cutting knife or scissors

1. Line up your printed image onto the flat QuickPro frame using the simple guides.

2. Staple the image onto the frame around the edges using stapler.

3. Remove the corner guides and cut away the corners of the canvas using knife or scissors.

4. Fold over the long edges of the canvas frame, remove the tape backing and stick down.

5. Form the two long edges into a frame shape by pulling upwards.

6. Prepare the corners by gently massaging the loose canvas into a “u” shape at each corner.

7. Form the two short edges into a frame shape and tuck open flaps into the slots on the long edges, holding the corners in place as you do so (this is easily mastered).

8. Apply the optional black backboard for an optimum finish and superior “feel” and appearance.

9. Display the finished product!


Advantages over traditional canvas frames

Ease and speed of production  

Even a highly skilled wooden canvas producer can’t complete the process in much less than 10 minutes, but once you’ve done 3 or 4 QuickPros you can do them in around 2 minutes.

Speed of artwork production 

A special online software tool matches your template to the artwork and will even stretch it around the edges.

Tightly stretched finish

The clever “self-stretch” QuickPro system ensures that your canvas wall art is nicely stretched over the frame every time without any effort at all.

Perfectly formed corners

This is one of the key features of QuickPro brilliance. Corners are every canvas maker’s nightmare, yet with QuickPro all you need to do is push in the tucks with your fingers and you’ll get tight, perfect corners time after time.

Multiple material options

As QuickPro is a gentler process than traditional canvas framing, wall art framed images can be made with all sorts of material including gloss and satin photo paper – no need to laminate, just staple onto the frame in the same way as you would canvas


Formed cardboard frames are incredibly strong and robust, and will put up with a lot of wear.  There’s no risk of snapping or bowing like there is with wooden frames.


One of the biggest problems with standard wooden canvas frames is the tendency to “sag” in the middle due to loss of stretch over time.  Not a problem at all with QuickPro: the stiff cardboard back means that sag is impossible.

Ease of transportation and mounting

The lightweight durability of QuickPro means that the finished product is much easier to transport and hang than traditional canvas frames.  No messing about with hanging wires and screw eyes, just pop on the wall.

adventa-black-back_1Quick Pro angle parfait

Benefits to your business

The simplicity of QuickPro represents a unique opportunity for anyone who would like to get a share of the growing market for personalised canvas framed wall art.

Suited to the online market

Process orders completely online by listing the pre-set template sizes on your online shop and let customers upload their artwork.

Easy for customers to use

Customers can pick their frame size, upload their artwork and choose how they would like the image imposed on the frame, including the edges.

Quick to process

Just print the image, make the canvas (2mins) and then ship it by post or carrier.


Common questions

Q.  Do I have to print onto special materials to use QuickPro?  

A.  Not at all, on the contrary you can make a QuickPro with just about any printed material with a reasonable amount of flexibility.

Q.  Can I make QuickPro frames with output from my colour laser printer?

A. Yes.  So long as the frame size is within the maximum paper size of your printer you can use a decent weight gloss or satin-coated laser paper.

Q. QuickPro canvas frames are made from cardboard – surely they must feel flimsy?

A. Funnily enough, not at all. They are remarkably rigid and strong.  Without the backing board they are very light, but when you add the backboard they feel a good decent weight too.

Q. How easy is it to mount QuickPros onto walls?

A. QuickPro frames come with pre-formed mounting holes in the frame and in the backing board, for portrait or landscape mounting.  Simply hang on any picture hook, nail etc.  The smaller frames even have an option for adding a picture mount so that the frame can be sat on a tabletop.

Q. How does the cost of QuickPro compare to the cost of traditional wooden stretcher bars?

A. Favourably - generally the cost of a complete QuickPro frame is similar to the equivalent cost of 4 x stretcher bars + hanging kit; once you build in the time and equipment factors then QuickPro Canvas Frames are a very cost-effective option

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