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Published: 16.08.2016


With today’s digital print technology, the scope for individual creativity on the walls of our homes, workplaces, schools, universities etc is simply mind-blowing.  While custom-printed wall art is certainly an increasing trend, we’re just scratching the surface when we consider how popular this could be once everyone begins to realise how much it can be used to fantastic visual effect.

Let's have a look at just how easy and lucrative it is to produce short term wall coverings: what tools/equipment you need, what material you need to print on, how you apply and how you remove!What Do I Need? 

Not a lot!  You will need:

·       Large Format Inkjet Printer, either aqueous (water-based), solvent, eco-solvent, latex or UV

·       Long trimmer or cutting rule with a sharp blade (ideally rotary) eg Trimfast system

·       Software for splitting your image into strips of wallpaper (supplied with most large format graphics inkjet printers nowadays)

·       The right kind of printable adhesive material...


What Is The Best Material To Print On?

We strongly recommend against using self-adhesive vinyl. Ideally you need to print on a material that:

·       Is easy to apply without skill and without hassle with air bubbles

·       Removes without leaving residue or damaging existing paintwork

·       Is fairly conformable to account for imperfections

·       Will be scratch and water resistant once printed

·       Prints high quality, vibrantly coloured graphics

·       Is eco-friendly and non-toxic

·       Is re-usable

·       In some cases has some opacity for covering what’s underneath

We recommend goldTEX Polyester Textile with Repositionable Adhesive as it meets all the above criteria and is available for both aqueous and solvent/latex printers. 

For Aqueous Printers:

Lomond Repositionable Self Adhesive Textile 210gsm

For Solvent/Latex Printers:

Glencoe Repositionable Self Adhesive TEXTILE 220gsm

Glencoe Mist Blockout Repositionable Textile 220gsm  

More repositionable and even easier to remove! Look out for the imminent launch! 


How Is It Applied and Removed?

Because goldTEX Lomond and Glencoe textiles are so conformable and repositionable, application is a non-skilled process:

1. To apply, firstly ensure the wall surface is free of dust

2. Remove the backing paper from the graphic (up to you whether you remove it all at once or remove it gradually as you apply)

3. Apply to the wall starting at the top of the graphic, beginning from the centre and working outwards to the edges.  It should be simple to apply without any bubbles or wrinkles, but if you have any issues simply peel back and reapply. Use a plastic squeegee or even your hand to smooth down for a perfect result.

4. To remove once finished, simply pull from any end to remove without leaving any residue.  If you wish to reuse, remove with care and quickly reapply onto backing paper.  Generally the textiles will still remove without residue after as long as 6-12 months in situ.


Where else can custom wall art be applied?

With a conformable, repositionable adhesive textile you can add stunning, fresh, visual appeal to all sorts of things so long as they have a flat or even slightly textured surface.

Be creative and have fun!  Here are just a few suggestions:

·       Desks

·       Filing Cabinets

·       Beds

·       Washing Machines

·       Kitchen Cupboards

·       Windows

·       Doors

·       Cars

·       Hospital Equipment

·       Even Bathrooms!  (Whitegold textiles are remarkably water resistant)


Get Started

GoldTEX repositionable textiles are available from Ashgrove in a variety of widths at remarkably cost-effective prices. 


For Aqueous Printers: Lomond Repositionable S/A Textile 210gsm 

For Solvent/Latex Printers: Glencoe Repositionable S/A Textile 220gsm ; Glencoe Mist Blockout Repositionable Textile 220gsm

Browse online, call us on 01779 470606 or email us [email protected] for more information


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