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How durable paper can save you time and money

Published: 12.04.2016

How durable paper can save you time and money

Paper. Despite promises of a digital and paperless society, it’s still everywhere and remains vital to commercial success in many industries.

Print and paper have gone hand in hand since Johann Gutenberg brought the printing press to Europe in the 1440s. Then since Xerox introduced the automatic photocopier in 1960, printers have become quicker, smaller and more efficient and the ability to print onto paper has become an everyday reality for all.

One of the key weaknesses of paper is the relative lack of durability which can often cost us time and money, yet just as there have been advances in printing, there have also been advances in paper technology. 

Durable papers are now becoming more commonplace, providing a hardwearing product suitable for either digital or litho printing processes. 

One step instead of two

Laminating printed paper on one or both sides is the traditional method of increasing paper’s durability. However, this is a laborious and time-consuming approach, often requiring repeat attempts as prints get crumpled, torn or soiled.

A hospital department recently needed the majority of their printed output to be wipeable. Their standard process of printing, then laminating, was taking up too much time and driving print production costs up. Switching to a durable paper, Picofilm, has allowed them to produce tearproof, waterproof and wipeable documents in one quick step using their existing digital printing equipment.

bin labelsProduction of outdoor signage and labels can also benefit from durable papers.

WeatherTUF is outdoor grade filmic paper label material - similar to Picofilm but with a super-strength adhesive backing - that eliminates the need to print outdoor labels on your solvent/latex wide format printer and subsequently load them onto your vinyl cutter.  Instead, simply print using your digital press and guillotine to your specified size.

Spend to save

Durable papers are usually more expensive than standard paper. However, spending a little more upfront can save money further down the line.

Utilising a product that provides the required durability right out of the printer means that you don’t have to buy additional laminating products. Additionally, reducing the time spent on producing the final product means that order turnaround times are quicker, and everyone knows that time is money.

In the case of a large department store, using Enduro to print their promotional tags eliminated the need for regular reprints throughout the offer term to replace ripped and torn labels. Using a durable paper offset the extra charge that the reruns would cost while at the same time reducing stress for the promotional team.


Advances in paper technology are creating papers with properties previously unheard of.

Whenever your clients need a printed product to withstand some rough handling, or simply last that little bit longer, we can help you find the right type of paper for you. You might find that it’s cheaper too!



Types of durable paper

Enduro: A film-centred paper that prints and handles like paper. Tear proof and water impermeable, Enduro is a very cost-effective and easy-to-print durable material.  Available in a range of thicknesses up to 385gsm and easily printable using digital or litho.

Picofilm: A 100% polyester film optimised for digital print.  When printed using digital toner, this product is totally tearproof and waterproof.

Weathertuf:  High-quality matt white polyester with extra-strong marine grade permanent adhesive backing.  Guaranteed weather-proof to BS5609 standard.  Labels can be over-printed in any digital laser printer or copier, either mono or colour.

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