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How the in-house printroom is proving its worth at the moment

Published: 28.06.2020

How the in-house printroom is proving its worth at the moment

It’s very apparent to us here at Ashgrove, as we all try to prepare for the new normal, that right now in-house digital printrooms are proving just how valuable a resource they are.   In otherwise empty Universities, Council headquarters and large corporate offices, the Printroom staff are flat out printing and preparing social distancing signage, stickers, protective screens etc, to ensure their organisation can hit the ground running as everyone returns.   Many printroom operatives have been working round the clock to meet the required output levels, and we would like to highlight their often unsung dedication to their organisations.  Many thanks all!


It proves more than ever that having a dedicated on-site digital printroom is a very sensible and wise provision for any large organisation.


We’ve been glad to help out with the supply of printable materials like Inkjet Floor Vinyl, Mastertac Polyester Labels,  Picofilm/Permapaper Waterproof paper, and also finishing items such as Floor Laminate, Clear Film for screens, Banner Stands etc.  


If any Printroom managers reading this post are looking for some of these items please contact us today, we hold good stocks of most product lines.


Keep up the good work!

Please click on the images below for more info on the relevant products!  Many thanks

Removable Labels        Permapaper        Clear PVC screens

Floor Vinyl        Floor Laminate        Banner stands

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