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Neschen PVC-Free Materials

Published: 6.02.2023

Neschen PVC-Free Materials

PVC is the new plastic straw, it is on the way out!

With huge corporations like Microsoft and Unilever taking a stand against PVC products, the rest of the world is following suit and realising just how bad it is.  As a result, "PVC-free" is becoming an important characteristic that your customers are looking for. In the past it was very hard to replicate the positive attributes of PVC based products when using more environmentally friendly materials, but things are changing; we now have materials available that perform as well, if not better than PVC, and are favourably priced, making them an attractive option for a number of factors!  

Neschen Coating GmbH is renowned worldwide as an experienced manufacturer of self-adhesive films and printable media, and they have a comprehensive range of fantastic sustainable products for water-based, solvent, latex, and UV large format print -  all of which can be purchased from Ashgrove.

Here are some of our favourites:-


Easydot Film

Easydot PP Matt WB is a 145micron, self-adhesive PVC-free polypropylene film ideal for smooth interior surfaces. It has a matt white surface for printing with water-based inks. Thanks to the easy-dot adhesive on the reverse the film is very easy to apply without bubbles, and it can also be removed and reapplied again if necessary. Suitable for aqueous inkjet and HP Indigo.

  •   - PVC-free and dimensionally stable
  •   - Up to 25% less material than PVC film
  •   - Easy dot® adhesive technology
  •   - Very good print quality
  •   - Easy and bubble-free bonding
  •   - Very good flatness
  •   - Removable without residue


Easydot PET transparent L-UV is a 75micron, printable, self-adhesive polyester film suitable for smooth interior surfaces.  It is available in matt white or ultra-transparent and features the proven easy dot adhesive technology making it very easy to apply without bubbles. Thanks to this technology, easy removal and repositioning is possible. Suitable for Latex and UV inks

  •    - PVC-free and dimensionally stable
  •    - Up to 25% less material than PVC film
  •    - Easy dot® adhesive technology
  •    - Very good print quality
  •    - Easy and bubble-free bonding
  •    - Very good flatness
  •    - Removable without residue

0006918_easy-dot-pet-transparent-l-uv-54in    0006917_easy-dot-pet-transparent-l-uv-54in


For Roller Banners

Solvoprint PP nolite 210 is an opaque, matt white, polypropylene roller banner material with silver back. It has good scratch resistance and enables photo-realistic print quality, thus for most applications it can be used without an additional protective laminate. Due to the anti-curling property, Solvoprint PP Nolite offers good flatness and the silver backing makes it highly opaque with a high quality finish. These qualities make it ideal for use in professional indoor advertising applications, such as trade show booths or point-of-sale. It is also shower-proof so can used outdoors for short term use. Suitable for (eco) solvent, UV and latex inks, also available in 370 micron PET for pop-up systems.

  •    - PVC-free PP film specially developed for roll-ups and L-banners
  •    - High scratch resistance
  •    - No protective laminate necessary
  •    - Anti-curling property for optimal flatness
  •    - Photorealistic print quality
  •    - High opacity thanks to silver back coating
  •    - Indoor and short-term outdoor use




Neschen PP wall-grip L-UV smooth is a printable, self-adhesive, PVC-free polypropylene film with a strong, water-based, and environmentally friendly adhesive. This strong adhesive means that the film can be applied to rough or curved surfaces indoors and outdoors which would ordinarily be problematic. The PVC-free film has optimal colour performance for deep, brilliant colours and photorealistic printing quality making it ideal for signage and advertising. Suitable for UV and latex inks.

  •    - PVC-free and shrink-free self-adhesive film
  •    - High-performance adhesive for difficult surfaces
  •    - For challenging wall design tasks
  •    - Printable with photorealistic print quality
  •    - For indoor and outdoor walls

green wall  wallpaper 3  wallpaper 1


For the windows

Solvoprint window-grip ultra clear is a crystal clear, 100 micron, self-adhesive PVC-free PET film with a glossy surface. The self-adhesive film was developed for indoor advertising and short-term outdoor use on flat and smooth substrates, such as glass, mirrors or monitors. A mirror-inverted print allows it to be applied to the inside of shop windows so that the advertising can be read outside. It can be removed and repositioned several times without leaving any residue and without losing its adhesive power. This makes it particularly flexible in use. Suitable for (eco) solvent, UV and latex inks.  Also available in 125 micron white.

  •    - Self-adhesive PET film
  •    - Multiple removable and repositionable without loss of adhesive strength
  •    - Easy and residue-free removal
  •    - Ideal for shop window advertising with mirror-inverted printing
  •    - Good scratch and water resistance after complete drying
  •    - Very dimensionally stable




Neschen Logo

For your interest we have access to the complete Neschen range of graphic media for all printer types, contact us HERE today for pricing.

Neschen Aqueous    Neschen solvent    Neschen Latex


As you can see, within the Neschen range there is an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative for just about every application you would have previously used a PVC-based product for, and with the eyes of the world now on this issue we expect the advances and new products to keep on coming.

To discuss the suitability of these products for your specific application and equipment please get in touch on 01779 470606 or email us on [email protected]


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