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Why the Construction industry never needs to use a Pouch Laminator again!

Published: 30.03.2021

Why the Construction industry never needs to use a Pouch Laminator again!

A construction site is one of the most demanding environments for printed documents, notices, plans etc. Mud, grease, oil, chemicals and of course the famous British weather are a daily battle.

Ashgrove’s durable printable materials for construction can cope with it all, making life on-site far easier! All you need is a colour copier or desktop laser printer.

Made from super-tough waterproof, tearproof, coated film Picofilm is ideal for:

  • - Printed plans & drawings
  • - Health & safety signage
  • - Site signage and notices
  • - Tagging and labelling of goods stored outdoors e.g. chemical drums or bricks etc.

In all genuineness, all you have to do is load Picofilm into your laser printer or copier (ideally the multi-purpose tray), select a “heavyweight glossy” or “transparency” media setting, and press print!   The resultant print is completely waterproof and tearproof immediately.

Better still, polyester is a fully recyclable material so it’s kinder to the environment than using a laminator (an encapsulated sheet of paper is practically impossible to separate, therefore it cannot be recycled).

Why would you ever use a pouch laminator again?

CASE STUDY: Read how Sapphire Balustrades used Picofilm on a recent site as an easy fix for a common problem.

Sapphire Balustrades had a problem because their balconies for high-rise residential flats required an insulated junction box to be placed in position during the main construction, and this had to be kept dry and intact until it was time for the balconies to be fitted.


Too often these boxes would be damaged by both builders and the weather by the time Sapphire arrived to fit balconies. A sheet of Picofilm with the printed words “do not touch or open” provided the perfect solution – it provided a cover to keep the rain out, and also prevented damage by unwanted handling!


Watch our video HERE to see how Picofilm can be easily cleaned on a building site!

Do you have a wide format inkjet printer? We have great durable solutions for this too! For larger tearproof, water resistant signage and plans up to A0 Ashgrove have a great range of speciality durable materials for longer-lasting, large format, inkjet signs and visuals Cordillera Inkjet Tyvek, Scafell InkjetTextile and  Glacier Polyprop Banner  to make your print last longer with the equipment you already have!

Contact us today with your printer make/model for free advice on the best material for your application.