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Produce your own Coronation Print

Published: 8.03.2023

Produce your own Coronation Print

You can use Picofilm and Permapaper to easily produce profitable, outdoor street party products for the King’s Coronation!

On May 6th 2023 the Coronation of King Charles will take place at Westminster Abbey.

Much like the Jubilee celebrations of 2022, it is likely red, white and blue bunting will adorn the streets and buildings of Britain and flags will be waved everywhere by both children and adults.

Synthetic paper is ideal for producing small bunting and you can get in on the action too by producing profitable, short run branded bunting and flags customised to your client’s specifications.


Eco-friendly alternatives to printing on PVC vinyl, Permapaper and Picofilm are instantly waterproof, tearproof, recyclable films that are easily printed using your dry toner press, it needs no further protection such a laminating or encapsulation. Simply print, cut and string!

PicoFilm   TEARPROOF   permapaper logo

Permapaper and Picofilm are 100% polyester meaning they cannot be damaged by water ingress even with holes punched into them, giving your products a long lifespan and if stored correctly they can be reused for future events.

120 micron thickness is ideal for bunting and flags, but we also stock a range of thicknesses up to 350micron with sizes A4, A3 and SRA3 available.

We also stock the bestselling range of Mastertac self-adhesive synthetic labels, these are available in white and clear and are ideal for producing window stickers for cars (use Mastertac Polyester Removable - available in clear/white) and businesses on your dry toner or HP Indigo press.

20230308_120357    mastertac    mastertac label pic

The King’s Coronation could be a great way to test this market for your local area and add  some new, highly profitable, easy to produce products to your offerings without the need to invest in expensive equipment.

To find out more about our range of synthetic papers and labels get in touch today on 01779 470606 or you can order a pack here


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