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Quickpro Canvas Frames - what better way to end 2020

Published: 20.11.2020

Quickpro Canvas Frames - what better way to end 2020

2020 - It's been quite a year hasn't it?


As the festive season approaches, marking the end of a tough year we will never forget, what better gift than printed canvas for the walls of family homes, memories of happier times when we could all be together.


With QuickPro frames you can make professional canvas wall art for your clients, these make lovely Christmas presents!


And all you need is a wide format inkjet printer, a stapler and some scissors!


QuickPro frames are the easiest way to create beautiful wall art and with an average assembly time of just 2 minutes and no specialist skills required, anyone can make a QuickPro canvas!


It's so simple, just






Click here to see for yourself just how quick and easy it is to use QuickPro frames to produce highly desirable, cost effective gifts


  • -QuickPro canvas frames come ready to display with pre-cut integral hanging eyelet apertures.  No hassle with string or wire or screw-in fixings.

  • -They are lightweight making wall hanging and transport very easy, but without compromising on strength.​


  • -They are durable with superior "Can't Sag" properties; wooden frames only hold the edges firm whereas Quick Pro frames are solid board right across the face.


  • -QuickPro frames utilise a unique neat and tidy internal corner system ensuring great corners every time compared to wooden frames that are very hard to assemble and it would require a lot of practice and skill to achieve the same result.


  • -QuickPros look great with other materials e.g. gloss paper, satin paper, textiles etc.

You don’t need to be a professional to assemble QuickPro canvas frames...anyone can do it!


Now with dedicated packaging supplies!

These custom made folding postal boxes make producing and shipping QuickPro canvas frames a seamless, cost effective process.


Order your quickpro starter pack here

Click here to view the full range of sizes available

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