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Are you maximising profitability from Roll-Up Banner Stands?

Published: 20.03.2017

Are you maximising profitability from Roll-Up Banner Stands?

The market for roll-up banner stands is now huge and still growing, as a result it can be highly competitive and not always easy to maximise profitability.  Here's a few tips from Ashgrove on how to ensure you're getting the most out of your kit.  The market you are aiming for will influence the kind of material we recommend that you print your roll-ups onto.

Different ways to tackle the roll-up banner market:-


One way to capture the market is to print banner stands in volume with maximum efficiency and minimum production costs, for this approach talk to us about the following products:

For waterbased (aqueous) printers Chamonix Greyback Roll-Up Banner Order HERE
Chamonix Roll-up is a 180micron film that offers excellent print quality & lightblocking at very low cost.  Perfect for volume producers looking to save where they can. Do bear in mind though that aqueous prints are not scratch resistant without lamination, for the volume market UV/Latex/Solvent printers are normally the best option.

For Latex printers Lanin Textured Greyback Roll-Up Order HERE
Lanin Roll-Up is a 300micron pre-textured film (to give a laminated look) designed specifically for latex printers due to its ability to cope with the extra heat without curling or wrinkling.  Very competitively priced product.

For Solvent/Eco-solvent/UV Printers Matterhorn Greyback Roll-up Order HERE
atterhorn Roll-up is a 170micron film that offers excellent print quality & lightblocking at very low cost.  Perfect for volume producers looking to save where they can

For Solvent/Eco-solvent/UV Printers Plateau Flat Greyback Roll-up Order HERE
Plateau Roll-up is banner media thats sits very flat with little or no curling but also offers excellent print quality.  Pre-textured finish to avoid the need for lamination.  Comes on 50m rolls that are perfect for volume production.


There is clearly a market for higher quality long lasting stands, talk to us about polyester banner materials that sit flattest and print best. For WATERBASED inks talk to us about our NEW! Pinnacle Premium Satin Roll-Up 190micron or for SOLVENT/LATEX inks its the all NEW! Crest Premium Satin Roll-Up 185micron.

To add a touch of quality to a banner stand we also strongly recommend adding a pressure sensitive laminate.  Adding laminate helps to enhance the print, makes your banners fully scratch & water resistant and protects your print from direct full details on why to add laminate HERE

Watch video below


Arguably the best way to maximise profitability in todays market is to make your product that little bit different from your competition ie stand out from the crowd. One way to do that is by printing your roll-up on different material that gives it a unique finish.

Talk to us about printing your banner stands onto textile, a uniquely tough, durable, scratch resistant, water resistant material that sits perfectly flat and prints with vibrant colours.

For WATERBASED inks ask about our NEW! Storr Blockout Textile 260gsm
 about our NEW! Pongs Graphite Back Textile 270gsm


Then of course the other key factor is the type of banner stand cassettes that you insert your printed media into.

Read the full blog on banner stands HERE


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